• Prepare contract documents and enter into a contract with the Client using the Canadian Construction Documents Committee standard construction document, CCDC-2, Lump Sum.


  • Provide a qualified site supervisor as required for the duration of the project. Some participation in meetings prior to construction startup will be required.
  • Provide a report on any actual site conditions that are deviant from the Design Consultant’s and Engineer’s working drawings and specifications.
  • Evaluate and process all changes as required. Review subcontractor costs for changes to ensure they are itemized, accurate, reasonable and in compliance with the contract documents prior to submitting them to the Consultants. Include breakdowns and backup as requested by the Consultants.
  • Inform Consultants immediately of any instructions or orders received from authorities having jurisdiction.
  • Provide technical and financial administration with respect to progress payments, updating any cash flow requirements, and holdback releases. Progress claims are to be issued to the Design Consultant and Engineering Consultants respectively for approval and payment by Owner. (Provide a schedule of billing with estimated percentages of the total contract per draw.)
  • Provide advice and assistance on labour problems in order to minimize work stoppages and in settlement of jurisdictional or other disputes.
  • Supply and install all parts and services to build project per all working drawings and specifications.


  • Coordination and preparation of a package of all warranties, maintenance contracts, schedules, etc., for the equipment and material supplied to the Owner and the Landlord if required.
  • Ensure that “as built” drawings, maintenance manuals, and operating instructions are completed properly and handed over to the Tenant and/or Landlord.
  • Maintain a close relationship with the Tenant operating staff to ensure a smooth and proper takeover of the completed work, including any necessary training and instruction.
  • Make personnel familiar with the project available, when required, for a reasonable period of time (one month) to perform any post move-in work requested by the Tenant.