square footage: 21,000
market sector: Logistics & Supply Chain
architect/designer: Bennett Design
electrical engineer: Ianuzziello & Associates
mechanical engineer: Ianuzziello & Associates
photography: Corr Vision

We were asked to help provide building-analysis support during the company’s first steps towards their search for a single, consolidated corporate office. We toured several initial locations during which, we learned about Maersk’s culture, leadership, operations, and facility needs. Informed by this process, our team of interior design, engineering, and construction professionals, prepared comparative summaries that highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of a short list of building options.

Maersk and their commercial real-estate advisors had our space optimization, build-out cost, and timeline evaluations as inputs to their lease negotiation strategies from the very beginning.  We believe that our value was highly leveraged in this way and helped remove significant risk from their corporate consolidation project.

Our support continued as Maersk’s Project and Construction Managers throughout the planning and pre-construction phase. We worked closely with Maersk’s executives to help achieve functional requirements, quality control, budgets, and timeline outcomes during the construction and final commissioning phases.